64-PWCZ-I 1st World Championship for Zadachas in Russian Draughts for Individuals

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64-PWCZ-I 1st World Championship for Zadachas in Russian Draughts for Individuals

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1st World Championship for Zadachas in Russian Draughts for Individuals


1. The 1st World Championship for Zadachas in Russian Draughts for Individuals (64-PWCZ-I) is an official world championship of the World Draughts Federation (Fédération Mondiale du Jeu de Dames – FMJD). The CPI FMJD is fully responsible for organizing this Wolrd Championship).
2. Dates of the 64-PWCZ-I:

August 15, 2017 to April 15, 2018.

3. The 64-PWCZ-I is held according to the CPI FMJD Rules for Zadachas.
The website link to the text of the CPI FMJD Rules for Zadachas: http://fmjd.org/downloads/cpi/CPI_FMJD_RULES_FOR_ZADACHAS_ENGLISH.pdf
The website link to where the CPI FMJD Rules for Zadachas can be downloaded:

4. To the Championship are admitted:
4.1. New compositions.
4.2. The compositions published — both in printed editions and on the Internet — after January 1st, 2000.
4.3. The compositions which participated in any competitions held after January 1st, 2000.

5. 64-PWCZ-I consists of 2 sections:
Section "A". Zadachas for blocking men, both black (in the direct-win game) and white (in the giveaway
game). The theme is free.
Section "B". Zadachas for blocking kings and kings with men, both black (in the direct-win game) and white (in the giveaway game). The theme is free.

6. To each section, a 64-PWCZ-I participant may submit not more than 6 (six) entries (i.e. compositions sent to a competition), indicating a section of the Championship and complete solution, date of publication, information about participation in competitions, or, if appropriate, that a composition is an unpublished original. The entries are to be sent, either by post or by e-mail (see below), to the Championship Coordinator. The closing date is November 15, 2017. The date of sending by post is determined by postmark. The participants who send their entries by post may also mention, if they have it, their e-mail address.
The Championship Coordinator’s addresses are as follows:
postal address: Petr Shkludov, P.O. Box 4, Novopolotsk-6, Vitebskaya oblast, 211446, Belarus
(211446 г.Новополоцк-6, а/я-4, Витебская обл., Беларусь);
e-mail address: < shkludov@mail.ru >.

7. Summing up of the 64-PWCZ-I results:
The procedure of summing up the 64-PWCZ-I results consists of two stages:
1) At the first stage, the members of the Panel of Judges, using the 100-point scale, allocate marks to every zadacha, after which the compositions get ranked in each section.
2) At the second stage, the compositions, in accordance with their places, are awarded points:
1st place – 100 points, 2nd place – 97 points, 3rd place – 94 points, 4th place – 92 points, 5th place – 90 points, 6th place – 88 points, 7th place – 87 points, and so on, with each next score decreasing by 1 point for each subsequent place.
The elimination of compositions from the Championship (zero mark) is only permitted in the cases based on the objective criteria defined in the CPI FMJD Rules for Zadachas.

8. The total score for each 64-PWCP-II participant will be calculated according to the sum of points of his/her 8 (eight) best compositions, that is of those which got the highest places in their sections. This means that in the process of determining each participant’s total score every composition in every section will be taken into consideration.
In case of a tie on the sum of points of 8 (eight) best compositions (in accordance with the previous article), the additional criteria are as follows:
a) sum of points of nine 9 (nine) best compositions.
b) sum of points of ten 10 (ten) best compositions.

9. The winner of this championship will be awarded the title of World Champion. Besides, he/she will be awarded gold medal and diploma. The second and third prize winners will be awarded silver and bronze medals, respectively, and diplomas.

In addition, three money prizes have been established:
1st place — 200 US dollars
2nd place — 100 US dollars
3rd place — 50 US dollars

For the purpose of attribution of International titles, the participants of the Championship will be awarded, in accordance with the current Statutes of the CPI FMJD, International Master Points (IMP).

10. The members of the Panel of Judges are: V.Rychka (Ukraine), P.Matus (Belarus), A.Rezanko (Belarus), Y.Golikov (Russia).

Petr Shkludov (Belarus) has been appointed as the Coordinator of the Championship.

11. The Regulations of the World Championship for Zadachas, the received comments concerning the competing compositions, and the definitive results will be published on the websites as follows:

CPI FMJD: http: http://cpi.fmjd.org/
Forum "Planeta": http://planet-ka.2x2forum.com

12. Note: In case of differences of interpretation between the Russian and English versions of these Regulations, the Russian version shall prevail.


Translated from Russian by
Semion Berenstein
(Ukraine Grandmaster for draughts compositions)
Germany, Halle, 20th Oktober 2016.

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